Room Availability

Schedule your meetings like you always have – in the company calendar – and Room Manager PowerApp will show the real-time schedule of your meeting rooms, so everyone knows when they are available or not. Prevent double bookings. Create happier meetings

Main benefits:

  • Connect to the App
  • Search for free rooms
  • Book the room
  • Invite your attendees
  • Extend the Meeting
  • End the Meeting
  • Manage your Bookings
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Digital Signage

The monitor outside the room shows real-time information on ongoing meetings in order to avoid interruptions. Room status is automatically updated.

Main benefits:

  • Meeting Room Displays
  • Customizable with Logo
  • Customizable with Branding
  • Build with PowerApp
  • Build for iOS and Android and Windows
  • Invite attendees
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Use Microsoft PoweApp to edit the solution. Change the logo, the branding and publish the updated the solution. Share with your users. They will get automatically the updated solution on the phones and tablets.

Main benefits:

  • Share the PowerApp with your users
  • Simply install MS PowerApp from Itunes or Google Play
  • Start The PowerApp and let user connect to the Room Manager App
  • Use your own devices and connect to the App
  • Change the Logo and Colors with single Mouse click
  • Web and mobile. Laptops, tablets, and phones
  • Extend with PowerApp and MS Flow
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