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Make your bookings faster and easier.

The Room Manager Outlook Add-in enables you to make bookings and add resources directly from your MS Outlook calendar by sending an Outlook Meeting Request.

Room Manager Outlook Add In

Old days to find a room With Room Finder

You remember and probably many customers still use the Room Finder in Exchange.

Cons in Room Finder

  • No room images
  • No filtering options
  • No room setup or layout options
  • Static, flat list of available rooms
  • Cumbersome if you have hundreds of rooms
  • Overall not easy to find the right available room cross sites and locations
  • Cannot add equipments
  • Cannot add catering
  • Etc

Reduce no-shows

Room Manager Outlook Add-in ensures that when a meeting is cancelled it automatically removes the meeting room at the same time.


The Room Manager Outlook Add-in enables usesr to book meetings with little or no training required.

Quicker process

Attendees’ availability can be checked before confirming the meeting room, providing a quicker booking process.

Different Time Zones

Build in with Outlook

Add Skype for Business link

Add MS Teams Link

Meetings made easy

With the Room Manager Outlook Add-in you can allow room searches, resources, visitors, equipments, parking spaces, cars and vehicles and video conference bookings to be made from within the Outlook Add In. Users can make the appointment or meeting request in MS Outlook and invite attendees. Which is classically an Outlook Meeting Request.

By clicking search now in the Outlook Add In they’re able to search for a room and book it right there and then.

Rooms and all other resources available are shown up.

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